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Shipwright's Cottage

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Explore a Shipwright's home...

Step through the door of the reconstructed Shipwright’s Cottage to be transported back in time…

Once home to shipwright Thomas Burlace and his family, you can now explore this charming cottage to see how Thomas and his family would have lived.

Shipwright's Cottage


As skilled craftsmen, shipwrights were in high demand during wartime, which meant they earned an above-average salary. Look out for luxury items such as decorated tableware.

Shipwright's Cottage

An Education

Keep an eye out for the bible on the living room window sill – proof that the Burlace family were educated and literate.

Compare the Shipwright’s Cottage with the cramped 'one up, one down' residence of a labourer in The Buckler's Hard Story.

This is a lovely quaint place to visit. Full of maritime history and the houses set up show what life was like when this was a thriving place.

  • Tripadvisor Review
  • February 2019

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